Rob Holmes, VP of Programming: The Roku Originals have attracted much more young audiences to the platform

Roku: We made an alliance with Robert Rodríguez from El Rey to launch Delicioso, the first Roku Originals in Spanish
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|06 de mayo de 2022

In its first appearance in a face-to-face NewFront, Roku presented a large list of original programming during the talk “Roku: TV starts here". Rob Holmes, VP of Programming, highlighted that the platform -considered the number 1 streaming TV in the US reaching 61 million homes- offers 75 thousand free titles and reaches more people 18-49 years old than channels like HBO or Cartoon Network. “We are part of the top 5 streaming services,” he pointed out.

Holmes mentioned that the Roku Originals, released last year, already boast 75 original primetime shows and the first original movie, Zoey's extraordinary Christmas list.

He highlighted that the Roku Originals have attracted much more young audiences to the platform and for this year they come with a list of select titles in the drama, comedy, and reality genres, among others.

Some of the original content to come include: a dating reality show entitled Paris for love, in partnership with Reese Witherspoon and Zoe Saldaña; the second season of Most Dangerous Game New York with David Castañeda and Christopher Waltz; Children Ruin Everything with Meghan Rath and Aaron Abrams that debuts on the 13th with a second season for 2023; the second season of Die Hart with Kevin Hart titled Die HartER; the new home renovation series, Ideal house, which premieres in July with a second edition due in 2023; an alliance with Martha Stewart for the shows Martha Cooks, Martha Gardens and Martha's Holidays; in gastronomy shows with Emeril Lagasse (Emeril Cooks and Emeril Tailgates) and Christopher Kimball (Milk Street my Favorite Recipe and Milk Street Cooking School); and the first Roku Original in Spanish, through an alliance with Robert Rodríguez, co-founder of El Rey, the food show, Delicioso. In addition, Roku is preparing the Al Yankovic biopic entitled Weird, starring Daniel Radcliffe whose teaser was presented at the NewFront.

The presentation also included Alison Levin, VP of Global Ad Revenue and Marketing Solutions; Chris Bruss, head of Roku Brand Studio; Roku Recommendstalents Andrew Hawkins and Maria Menounos; Julian Mintz and Kristina Shepard, both National Brand Team Lead and Dan Robbins, VP of Ad Marketing and Partner Solutions.