Sierra and Valecillos recently presented the film El Amparo at the Miami International Film Festival

Rolando Loewenstein returns to content sales with the youth series WOW by the writer Karin Valecillos and the creative director Rubén Sierra
21 de marzo de 2017

The well-known executive Rolando Loewenstein returns to the content sales market with the youth series WOW. This project was created by the writer Karin Valecillos and the creative technical director, Rubén Sierra Salles, jointly with Loewenstein.

The series is conceived for 4 seasons, 13 to 15 episodes each, and “is similar to Stranger Things, without being science fiction,” mentioned Loewenstein.

“The story is about some characters who are seeking their place in the world. Teenagers who don’t feel they belong in their surroundings,” explains Sierra. He adds that they count on the advice of producer Verónica Pimstein, whose many credits include Carrusel by Televisa, Una Maid en Manhattan by Sony, La Hipocondríaca and La Suegra with Caracol; Niñas Mal by MTV.

The series is advanced in its development, and Loewenstein has already begun approaching potential developers.

Valecillos and Sierra recently presented the film El Amparo, by the director Rober Calzadilla, at the Miami International Film Festival, after touring international festivals in more than 20 countries. Valecillos is the writer of the film and Sierra is one of the producers.

Another TV Project Loewenstein, Sierra and Valecillos have is a documentary series based on a theater play that Valecillos wrote in Venezuela a few years ago, titled Cuentos de Guerra para Dormir en Paz.