Rosie Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s sister and her mother Rosa
Rosie Rivera Jenni Rivera´s sister: The bio series about Jenni that Telemundo will produce is the only one authorized by the family
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|23 de septiembre de 2016

Rosie Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s sister and her mother Rosa, told PRODU that the bio musical series that Telemundo will produce with the support of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, will start auditions in October to choose the actress who will play the part of the deceased singer. The production will begin soon.

The bio serie -that doesn´t have a title nor a specified number of episodes yet- is the only one authorized by the Rivera family and represents the life of Jenni since her childhood until her death. Rossana Negrín (Tierra de Reyes) is the writer that is making the adaptation of the story.

“This series is going to have Jenni´s original music and her voice, since Jenni Rivera Enterprises and my father´s company have the rights. We want to honor Jenni exactly like she was always: frank, real, she faced her problems and mistakes openly,” expressed Rosie and she adds that with this project they also want to help “their people, single mothers, working Latina women who come from immigrant parents.”

They mentioned that they chose Telemundo because they feel that it is the company that best produces these bio series. This idea of doing something based on Jenni’s life, had been posed since 2013, but at that time, they thought about doing a novela and the family didn´t agree. “The word novela was hard for us because it is the life of our sister, not a dramatic novela.”

The plans are to shoot the series between Los Angeles and Guadalajara.