Rosy Ocampo, executive producer and showrunner of Televisa

Rosy Ocampo: We have time changing the role of women in the telenovela
30 de julio de 2021

Rosy Ocampo, executive producer and showrunner of Televisa, addressed the importance of the role of women in the telenovela, and how much it has changed in recent times, both in the role of women in the production, and of the spectators, during the Webinar ¡Mexicanas chingonas! Mujeres que han triunfado en la industria audiovisual (Women who have triumphed in the audiovisual industry).

''Telenovelas are a mirror of society, the audience reflects and empathizes with the role of women. There is more and more awareness and people let it know. The characters are no longer the same princess as always or the typical housewife, now women have powerful, strong roles that succeed. We also include the macho man to make the audience think,'' she said.

She also said how difficult it is for women to be respected and have an important position in this industry, which is dominated by men. "We have to make twice as much effort so that the men we work with believe us capable of leading, and to get to the positions we have today."

To conclude, Ocampo said that on a personal level all women must fight for their dreams and work hard to achieve them, seek opportunities and believe that they can reach high positions like any man, and at a company level, we must open spaces for them to women go climb steps, "but out of mere merit, not because of their gender."

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