Patricio Wills, president of RTI
RTI: Consolidating our corporate agreements with Televisa and RCN in 2015 and adding a development partnership with Imagina US
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|20 de enero de 2015

This year, RTI reaffirms its production might by ratifying its corporate agreements: the long-term deal with Televisa as the top priority, followed by the agreement with RCN. The company also signed a development deal with Imagina US. The RTI team, composed of Patricio Wills, president; Ana Bond, VP of Business Development and Legal Affairs; Hugo León, VP of Development; and Alejandro García, director of Production, spoke to PRODU about the new projects they are working on in 2015. RTI already has with RCN two projects in the exploratory phase: a new version of Señora Isabel (written by Bernardo Romero), adapted by Jimena Romero, and another project about the life of comedian Jaime Garzón, who was assassinated 15 years ago. The development agreement with Imagina US seeks to explore projects different from what both companies do traditionally. “These are short projects with different budgets, and perhaps for other platforms,” said Wills. The other three projects RTI plans to produce this year are the case of Kike Camarena; Prisionero, with writer Yesmer Uribe (La Viuda Negra), doing the adaptation; and an institutional project about the life of Gabriel García Márquez. The latter will be a drama co-produced with the Colombian government and Televisión Española. Wills emphasized the Televisa agreement takes precedence over all development projects.