Julián Rousso, president of Ánima Films

RTVE, Ánima Films, and Wanda Films will co-develop El Invitado

20 de agosto de 2019

RTVE, Ánima Films, and Wanda Films announced the closing of a co-development for the fiction series El Invitado, an original idea by Matías Gueilburt, founding partner of Ánima Films.

“It is a great motivation that RTVE was interested in our original idea and a huge challenge to develop El Invitado together with this important multimedia and the talented team of the Spanish production company Wanda Films,” expressed Julián Rousso, president of Ánima Films.

El Invitado will have eight episodes in which it will tell how the Nazi leaders who escaped from Germany in submarines at the end of the Second World War will try to boost a fourth Reich from a town in the Argentine Patagonia. The scriptwriters of the series are the Argentines Nicolás Gueilburt and Sergio Olguín, accompanied by the Spanish scriptwriter Carlos Contreras Elvira.

“I have participated as a producer in more than 15 films in Argentina and I feel great enthusiasm to co-develop now, together with RTVE and the prestigious production company Ánima, the series El Invitado,” expressed José María Morales, president of Wanda Films.