Rubén Galindo from Televisa assured that Hoy Voy a Cambiar is shot in film format

Rubén Galindo from Televisa: Hoy Voy a Cambiar marks the return of the Galindos to fiction production
Vanessa Maldonado|15 de agosto de 2017

The biographic series Hoy Voy a Cambiar (21x60’), based on the life of the Mexican Singer Lupita D’Alessio, will be on the air starting August 20 at 9pm on Las Estrellas and marks the return of the producers Rubén and Santiago Galindo to the fiction format after 12 years (their last production was Amy, La Niña de la Mochila Azul).

“After Amy, La Niña de la Mochila Azul, Televisa trusted us with Bailando Por Un Sueño (a format for which they are developing the 2017 season) and this is genre we are making. However, last year we had the opportunity to make this biographic series, we took it and are grateful because it is the return to fiction and our beginnings” explained Rubén Galindo.

He highlighted that they spent six months doing journalistic research and three months shooting 100% in locations, with period decoration. “The story was shot with a film look and the script was under the responsibility of a team of writers led by me”.

Hoy Voy a Cambiar was authorized by the singer herself “who opened up her heart to us, she told us things that we had heard publicly, but didn´t know what had truly happened, and now we see them from the inside. We are reliving those moments of musical glory and how she came back from ashes, saved herself from addictions. It is a strong, brave, honest series that covers the most important passages of this singer´s life”.