Brazil, Show Your Face will launch at NATPE

Sabbatical Entertainment announces three new productions and the launch of the Sabbatical Squads based in various countries
18 de enero de 2019

Sabbatical Entertainment announces three new productions to launch at NATPE: The Arrival, Blue Blood and Brazil, Show Your Face.

NATPE is a very special convention for Sabbatical Entertainment– it was at NATPE 2017, that the Company launched.

The celebration this year centers around the achievement of more than 200 hours of content produced and distributed in under just 2 years. Sabbatical boasts a slate of 12 novel concepts, covering various genres and formats, a feat made possible by the enormous flexibility of its business model, which conjures thoughts of the famous phrase "Be water," as it adapts to the needs of all kinds of customers and audiences.

The Arrival is a premium special, on the 500th anniversary of the expedition that landed in Veracruz, marking the meeting of two worlds. It was this expedition that began the so-called Conquest of Mexico, which is actually how Mexico conquered and continues to conquer the world.

Blue Blood is an entertainment series that explores the media phenomenon of European royalty courts, taken by ordinary and at the same time extraordinary women who have taken over the royal houses – true Cinderella stories.

Brazil, Show Your Face, is an immersive visual umbrella that covers The Colossus of the South, with different prisms that make up a stained-glass window in which little known themes of the immense country are shown, as are the curiosities of their culture, the hidden side of Carnival and all the edges of the sexual diversity of one of the most unique countries in the world.

Sabbatical Entertainment also announces the launch of the Sabbatical Squads – teams based in various countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, made up of multidisciplinary professionals, with extensive experience as scriptwriters, editors, producers, and post-producers. These teams bring their unique perspectives and expertise to Sabbatical’s productions, adding creative input of great cultural variety.

"We are very excited about this new stage of Sabbatical Entertainment in which we have expanded our borders with allies in different territories, who understand our conceptual vision and carry it out with talent and professionalism," said Miguel Somoza, CEO, and founder of Sabbatical Entertainment.