Miguel Somoza, CEO of Sabbatical Entertainment

Sabbatical Entertainment: In September, we will launch the first documentary from a series on Latin American dictators

10 de abril de 2018

Fifteen months after its creation, Sabbatical Entertainment has a vast portfolio to show and sell, and that is why they were present at Río2C. In May Naturaleza Humana, the third educational series they produce for Univision, after Planeta de Niños and El Mundo Es Tuyo, a travel program broadcast by UniMás, will be on the air.

The company also ventured into the capsule format, where it has been very successful with a series of micros on the 2018 Russia World Cup.

“We have 105 capsules (2-minutes each) on several topics: profiles of the players, teams, wives of players, on the headquarters. We have done very well, and in three months, we have sold them in Malaysia, Thailand, Spain and in Latin America and the pan-regional area. This week we close a deal with Sinclair, the company with most TV networks in the US, to whom we also sold the capsules. We have done very well with this format, and the market is demanding it. We also have some on inspiring beauty, which we sold to NBC/Universal,” reported Miguel Somoza, CEO of Sabbatical Entertainment.

Another strong bet for 2018 is the launch of the documentary on the dynasty of the Somoza in Nicaragua called El Dictador. “We are finishing it and have already sold it. We will launch it in September. The idea is for this first documentary to be the trailer of one that is going to be part of the series on Latin American dictators.”