Sabbatical´s Migue Somoza and Winter Horton of LBI Media

Sabbatical Entertainment to distribute internationally Estrella TV’s programming catalogue

18 de mayo de 2017

Sabbatical Entertainment announced a distribution agreement with Estrella TV to become the international agent for the network’s prestigious programming catalogue.

Estrella TV, owned and operated by LBI Media, Inc., and known for its impressive catalogue of original content, has put their worldwide representation in the hands of Miguel Somoza, president and CEO of Sabbatical Entertainment.

Estrella TV produces original, fast-paced and dynamic hit shows for today’s modern Latinos. Some of its hit shows include Rica Famosa Latina, Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento, Noches con Platanito, Alarma TV, Premios de la Radio and a wide variety of notable, fun and entertaining programing,

“It is a great honor and a privilege for us to represent and distribute Estrella TV’s remarkable programing. We are truly grateful that Lenard Liberman, one of the leading pioneers of Spanish-language television in the US, has placed his trust in us. We are also very excited about the fifth season of Rica, Famosa, Latina, which promises to be another ratings hit. The show is filmed in international locations that include Havana, Cuba, Washington D.C., Spain, Mexico and Los Angeles, to name a few. In the coming season Rica Famosa Latina adds international stars Scarlet Ortiz and Mimí Lazo to its impressive cast,” stated Somoza.

“The versatility, high quality and production value of our programming is perfectly suited for a universal audience, which is why we believe in the internationalization of Estrella TV. We believe that Sabbatical Entertainment’s young entrepreneurial spirit is a good match for our brand and our extensive programming catalogue,” said Liberman.

Sabbatical Entertainment is showcasing Estrella TV’s catalogue at the LA Screenings.