Miguel Somoza from Sabbatical reveals new strategy to create content that goes along with social events and media phenomenons

Sabbatical: New documentary project El Vigilante
29 de septiembre de 2020

Miguel Somoza, CEO of Sabbatical Entertainment, showed on #PRODUprimetime with Richard Izarra, his new documentary project called El Vigilante, based on the Batman character.

“Given the success and good reception we had with James Bond, I looked for a brand that had that same audience already built and that way, Batman appeared. We managed to elaborate a good recipe to create content that goes together with events in society. Soon there will be a James Bond movie; next year, a Batman movie... We are using this as a guide to dedicate one project of this style per year. The business model we have allows us to use images of the entire story of each one of these products. We are also going to do Superman..." said Miguel, who in 2021 celebrates the fourth year of the launch of Sabbatical with a positive balance.
More than 300 hours of original programming in different formats have been generated in this time. Children's and youth's series, documentaries on great artists and creators, and especially on James Bond, are part of what has been made in these almost four years.
Their children's programs have turned out to be a complete hit. Their title El Mundo es Tuyo was placed on CBS in its English version and on Univision in Spanish, as well as in other territories.

He commented on the alliance they recently signed with Caracol TV for it to be in charge of the global distribution of their children's spaces. There is no better distribution company than Caracol TV," he added.
Watch full interview with Miguel Somoza on #PRODUprimetime