The documentary Vigilante commemorates the entire Batman universe, with a new movie debuting in 2022
Sabbatical: Waging on Vigilante
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|16 de octubre de 2020

Sabbatical Entertainment is promoting for this Mipcom its franchise Lo Mejor de lo Mejor with a different edition, dedicated to the heroes of 2020: from famous artists and athletes to doctors and essential workers who have become the daily leading stars.

Another highlight includes their exclusive documentaries about fictional heroes and superheroes, which began with El Espía que Amo, to celebrate the 25th James Bond film, and the launch of the documentary, Vigilante, to commemorate the entire Batman universe, with a new movie debuting n 2022.

“2020 is clearly a year of changes and unforgettable. We never imagined that our daily life would be so different, making today's world unrecognizable compared to the one we started last January”, says Miguel Somoza, CEO, Sabbatical Entertainment.

Somoza adds that they continue to push forward with the necessary force to take off a new stage of their children's programming. “Now, with Sabbatical Niños on our YouTube channel. Without forgetting that all our series are also represented by Caracol for open TV in Latin America, Africa, and Europe, which is a great honor for us,” he concluded.