Dennis Yuscavitch of Samsung Ads: 40% of the advertising budget should be placed on streaming platforms

Samsung Ads: FAST platforms like Samsung TV Plus should be included in the media budgets
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|13 de mayo de 2022

Michael Scott, Head of Brand Sales for North America at Samsung Ads said that the Samsung TV Plus platform is introducing several ad innovations where the brand has more control to customize their ad, during the presentation of NewFront “Samsung Ads: The power of more.” He noted that the ecosystem manages 2,000 app recommendations and more than 200 free streaming channels. He emphasized that Samsung's advertising innovations drive three times more the opening of apps than other competitors.

Scott announced that later this year they will launch a gaming hub within Samsung TV Plus, which will be available on all Samsung TV models from 2022 and will offer a seamless cloud-based experience.

He also announced the launch of the Samsung Ad Total Media solution, noting that since 73% of consumers watch both linear and streaming TV, this solution allows managing all ads in one place. “We can directly manage your media, control and manage everything in one place, make your measurements under the 40% rule” he indicated to those present.

Dennis Yuscavitch, Global Director of Product Marketing for Samsung Ads, emphasized that FAST platforms like Samsung TV Plus should be part of the media budget. He considers that 40% of the advertising budget should be placed on streaming platforms.

For Sang Kim, SVP of Product and Marketing at Samsung Electronics, FAST is here to stay. “That's why we're investing in the best content on Samsung TV Plus which began only with 20 channels and today offers over 200. News is one of the most popular genres for Samsung TV Plus users,” he said.

A third of Samsung TV users spend more time on the Samsung Plus TV platform than on cable, he said. By 2022 there will be more binge-watching channels and more exclusive premieres like The Designers Network and themed channels for Halloween and Christmas, Kim added.