Sandipan Roy

Sandipan Roy of Isobar: The Industry Needs Trust Courage and Creativity

06 de septiembre de 2019

Sandipan Roy, head of strategy at Isobar, gave a presentation during the 2019 IAB Conecta conference in which she said the industry must change its attitude because what worked in the past no longer works, nor will it work in future, and most of all, “we need trust, courage, and creativity.”

Roy said the greatest challenge the industry faces now is how it feels about the work it is doing. “I think we have suddenly become afraid of doing new things, because when you do things better, you can use data to measure success. But when you do new things, you have no data to measure success… so how do we measure success in the short term?" she asked.

He also spoke about the problem of the little time CMOs stay in their positions. The average is 12 months during which they have to prove they have the secret to success. "If you think like a CMO, you will focus on a three-month plan, and since CMOs are our best clients, we are forced to think that way too. How can I reflect success in three months and every three months thereafter?"

Another challenge Roy sees in the industry is the loss of creativity: "We are losing creativity, because, again, it has to do with data. Data cannot measure creativity, it can measure security."