Sandra Ávila

Sandra Ávila from Avila Entertainment: We are seeking alliances to co-produce content for LatAm
06 de enero de 2017

To generate alliances and new productions for the Latino market is Avila Entertainment´s main bet. It is a production and distribution company, directed by Sandra Ávila, who stated that the film Engadme was already placed in HBO Latino for the US and they are currently seeking to position it in Latin America.

"In the company we are looking for content creators and strategic international relations in the US market, and, regarding distribution, we already managed to sell the film Engadme, with renown actors from series like Modern Family and Jane the Virgin, and are now getting the license for Latin America. We also have a variety of family comedies, science fiction, all made by very talented Latinos," she mentioned.

She explained that in the US there is a lot of work to do for the Latino market, hence her interest in creating alliances and making productions from and for this region.

“In the US there is still a lot of work to be done regarding content for the Latino market. We have made a lot of progress, that is clearly seen with programs like Devious Maids, and Jane the Virgin. People like JLo and Eva Longoria are doing great things, but we still don´t have the amount of content we need for the Latino market in the US to really enjoy seeing themselves reflected in different kinds of programs. I am still learning a great deal about the Latin American market, that is why I am looking for relations to combine resources for the creation of content at the service both of the US and Latin America. I think that when it has to do with universal stories, there are things that speak to all of us: family, faith, culture, religion, narration, we are all the same and are all the same thing,” ended Ávila.