Sandra Weisinger, Creative Director, El Autobús

Sandra Weisinger of El Autobus: We Hispanics aren’t just a part of the market – we’re the market that makes brands grow
Liz Unamo|22 de septiembre de 2021

Recent data from the U.S. Census shows how quickly the Hispanic population and economy are growing, yet brands in comparison invest little in the segment.

“Brands that fail to focus a strategy on the Hispanic market not only lose a great opportunity but can also lose their whole future. Brands must turn their strategies toward the Hispanic market if they want to grow and thrive in the future,” said Sandra Weisinger, creative director at El Autobus.

Brands must now focus more on Hispanics in order to grow their own market share, while leaving aside the old stereotypes and specializing in making themselves culturally relevant. “They need to establish strong strategies to reach the Hispanic market," she said, "and to do that they must understand Hispanics as a very large mix of cultures. Though we all have a lot in common, we are not all the same. We can’t be lumped together in the same ‘package.’ Brands have to leave all those stereotypes behind and connect with Hispanics everywhere in a dignified, understanding way.”

Weisinger noted that brands must ride the wave of the 2020 Census results or else their products will lose validity. “Brands that haven’t already done so but have a good view of the future know they will have to change their strategies, budgets, goals, product portfolio and even personnel. Those that don’t should get on the train immediately. We Hispanics aren’t just a part of the market; we’re the market that makes brands grow. Brands must seek the advice of Hispanic agencies in order to get on board.”