Santa Teresa 1796 Lauded At The Ultimate Spirits Challenge
26 de julio de 2022

At the 2022 Ultimate Spirits Challenge, SANTA TERESA 1796 was awarded a 92 point rating (certified as an excellent and highly recommended rum) and the Tried and True award.

A product of the artisanal Solera Method, SANTA TERESA 1796 is created with a complex blend of rums aged for up to 35 years. The Solera Method, adopted from Spanish Sherry producers, ensures that every bottle of Santa Teresa 1796 features some of the very first "Ron Madre" or Mother Rum. Since the barrels were first filled in 1992, the Solera casks have never fully emptied. Instead, each time a bottle is drawn, the Solera is topped up with a slightly younger rum blend, guaranteeing that every bottle has exceptional richness and a little bit of our Mother Rum. A credit to the rum's meticulous craftsmanship, this award celebrates the product's over 220 years of production on the Hacienda Santa Teresa.
Recognized as one of the most prestigious judges of the spirits industry, the Ultimate Spirits Challenge has given SANTA TERESA 1796 its stamp of approval, noting its rich taste and aroma. Tasters were drawn in by the scent of caramel and baking spices and hooked by the bold and smooth finish. The unique flavor was another selling point, with the competition highlighting the taste of, "burnt sugar, cigar box spice, dark chocolate, and dried plantain chips."
This award comes on the heels of the announcement of several other accolades awarded to SANTA TERESA 1796. The brand was awarded several gold medals at the International Spirits Challenge, The Spirits Business Rum & Cachaca Masters, the USA Spirits Ratings, the Berlin International Spirits Competition, Virtus Lisboa, and the London Spirits Competition as well as the Chilled 100 Bartender Seal of Approval with the signature dark rum receiving a 95 point rating.
SANTA TERESA is an independent, family-owned distillery in Venezuela built on over 220 years of tradition and unexpected thinking in blended and aged rums, making it the third oldest rum producer in the world. Steeped in tradition, every SANTA TERESA product is sourced from their single-estate, the Hacienda Santa Teresa.
"We are incredibly excited to see SANTA TERESA 1796 receiving recognition by all of these wonderful agencies. As the rum market continues to expand, these accolades are a testament to our centuries long heritage, commitment to fine craftsmanship and dedication to producing only the finest rum possible. These endorsements also solidify SANTA TERESA 1796's place as both a staple spirit and a premium base for a cocktail. Throughout the past year, our consumer base has continued to grow and we're looking forward to expanding to an even larger audience in the upcoming year," said Edwin Hincapie, Brand Director, SANTA TERESA 1796.