Santiago and Rubén Galindo, produces of the bio-series Hoy voy a cambiar

Santiago Galindo of Televisa: It’s the beginning of a long journey with Hoy voy a cambiar
31 de marzo de 2017

On Monday 27, in southern Mexico City began the shooting of the first scene of the bio-series Hoy voy a cambiar, produced by Ruben and Santiago Galindo of Televisa.

Hoy voy a cambiar features the life of Lupita D’Alessio, a woman that with her privileged voice gained success and fame, but also lived troubling and painful moments. The 21 episodes of the bio-series tell the story of the so-called “Dormant Lion”, and it covers her life from childhood to adulthood.

Ruben Galindo confirmed Lupita D’Alessio involvement in the project, and said he felt grateful with her for lending her story. “Seeing the most important facets of her life through her eyes will be enriching, nostalgic and fun” he said.

Santiago Galindo said that with this project he intends to give the audience a time-lasting series. Today is the beginning of a long journey and is a great challenge to recreate each era.”