Sara Skrmetti, Senior Product Director at MediaMath

Sara Skrmetti From MediaMath: We Must Work Together To Combat Fraud

Manuela Walfenzao|12 de septiembre de 2017

Sara Skrmetti, Senior Product Director at MediaMath, spoke about how MediaMath is dealing with fraud and transparency problems in the industry. “As a technology provider, we can help, but we can't do everything. The distribution area must help as well. This is an industry problem we must all solve it together” she said.

She explained that MediaMath has teams devoted to ensuring traffic quality and the disappearance of fraud. Additionally, they have a new product called Curated Market, which ensures advertising appearances that are 100% free of fraud. “We think that any third-party fraud detected in your advertising must not be tolerated, and, in fact, we return the money” she explained.

Skrmetti also spoke about the need to go towards an omnichannel vision. “As an industry, this is good because everyone seems to agree on the vision, but there are many intrinsic truths that make it difficult to achieve this” explained.

She gave advertisers three pieces of advice to achieve the true omnichannel dream, centered on the client. The first is to choose a tech provider who shares that omnichannel vision. “Make sure you choose the tech provider intelligently and with that vision in mind” she said.
The second is for U.S. advertisers to put pressure on those groups that don't necessarily share data transparently. Lastly, she referred to the organizational structure, where many within agencies or in big brands are just an organizational-level silo. “It is necessary to have a more consistent dialogue across all channels.”