Sydney Borjas, general director of Scenic Rights

Scenic Rights: Over 70 projects in development

Ríchard Izarra / Abril Mejías|10 de diciembre de 2019

In the industry, Sydney Borjas, general director of Scenic Rights, is known as “the man of the stories”. Borjas has the rights to classic Spanish books and currently has a collaboration agreement with more than 30 publishing houses and literary agencies that keep him updated on the books that are to come out and they offer him the rights. "Additionally, we have a team of analysts looking at everything that is going to be published and also looking at the editorial lines of studios´, platforms´, cable TV channels´, etc. which is why it is no wonder that the company currently has more than 70 projects in development.

The Scenic Rights licensing agency was born in 2002. Borjas had the vision to acquire all these rights many years ago because after analysis, he envisioned how the series production market was growing and diversifying, mainly due to all the global audiences. "The most important thing nowadays is the stories, they are the ones that render differential value. And if we pay attention, most of the big series are based on very good books."

The projects that come from the agency include Promesas de Arena, a production that was launched in November on TVE and that is also available on Amazon; Hernán, whose development was made through a showrunner of the agency together with others participants; El Cielo a Tiros, with Polka; La Templanza, for Amazon by Atresmedia, among others.