Joyce Zylberberg of Screen Capital highlighted the challenge of reaching audiences that are looking for segmented content

Screen Capital: We need new business actors to mediated between creation, production and audiences reach
01 de abril de 2022

Joyce Zylberberg, co-founder and managing partner of Screen Capital, highlighted the challenge of reaching audiences that are looking for segmented content, in times when business models are also changing. "There is a need for new players in the model, moderators, capable of putting together all the strands between creation, production, and reaching audiences in general," she said during MAFIZ in Málaga. She believes that these shifts and adjustments are driven by digitization.

Faced with the abundance of data, she said the challenge is to manage data that is useful. For example, in the case of producers, knowing who is the public that consumes their content. “In the audiovisual world, sometimes the producer doesn’t know who is being reached by its content on a platform. And it would be super important for the producer to know who is watching the content, when it is viewed, in which, among other data. This could help the audiovisual community to make better-targeted content because this will mean better sales channels and everything is faster” she said because without data the creation process can be cut off.

Screen Capital is a Chilean private investment fund aimed mainly at Spanish-language television series and movies, founded in early 2020.