Eduardo Hauser, general director at Scripps Networks for Latin America and the Caribbean

Scripps Networks: The video genre that has grown most is the social video

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|09 de noviembre de 2017

In the context of the panel Programming and Content Strategies in the OTT Age at the NEXTV CEO LatAm, Ángel Zambrano, SVP for Content Acquisition and Syndication at Turner Latin America, highlighted that the focus of the industry should be those consumers who like quality videos. He emphasized that the time people spend watching short homemade videos on the Internet does not detract value from TV.

For his part, Fernando Semenzato, SVP of Programming and Production at NatGeo Latin America, added that they consider YouTube an ally.

“In the last three years, the video genre that has grown most is social video, which marketers don´t like, but is followed because of activation marketing. The social platforms that have grown most are Snapchat and Facebook,” mentioned Eduardo Hauser, general director of Scripps Networks for Latin America and the Caribbean. He commented that Foodnetwork is the leader in channels in the food and lifestyle genre, both on the Internet as well as on TV. “The channel´s most watched online video y how to make a pizza pie, which has been viewed 244 million times,” he mentioned. He added that Food Network has one of the highest ATS (Average Time Spent) in the US.

Hauser also expressed that the channel business and the content business are two different things. “The channel is not structured for binge-watching but for stacking”.

“Television continues to be something to share,” said for her part María Iregui, EVP of Strategic Business at RCN.