Second Part of Gen Z Study Examines Culture as Part of Path to Purchase
Offensive Ads & Brand Irresponsibility Lead Gen Z To Breakup With Brands
12 de noviembre de 2020

Nine of 10 chief executives, advertising, promotions, sales & marketing managers are non-Hispanic white. Without breaking internal marketing "culture bubbles" to put cultural fluency and insights at the core of every brand strategy, brands risk a break up with Gen Zers and their parents.

According to the second part of a new study by the Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing (CMC), Gen Zers and Hispanic and Black parents will quit a brand that offends any racial group (this ranked third among non-Hispanic white parents). As 2020 marks the first time the 0 to 17-year-old segment—or any American generation, for that matter—is a multicultural majority, marketers must think beyond price and focus on cultural literacy and social responsibility to capture market share among Gen Zers.

Building on more than 20,500 consumer touchpoints to date, the CMC released the second part of a comprehensive study on Gen Z (ages 13 to 17), IT'S TIME: Ready (or Not) for the Multicultural Majority, analyzing brand choices, paths to purchase and brand gaffes that led to breakups.

"Gen Z is a diverse generation that feels a sense of unity with other minority segments and understands that hate and racism are the biggest issues they face together," said CMC Research Chair Nancy Tellet, founder, brand & consumer navigator at PureClarity LLC. "As a result, when they see brands acting in a way that doesn't align with their values or that is culturally obtuse, they walk away and spread the word. Offending Gen Zers and their parents can be akin to brand implosion."