Sebastian Jasminoy, CEO at Fluvip

Sebastian Jasminoy From Fluvip: The U.S. Hispanic Market Has An Influencers' Strategy But Lacks Technology
Maribel Ramos-Weiner, Miami / Liz Unamo|02 de noviembre de 2017

Strategy and technology are key to successful marketing campaigns using influential personalities, said Sebastian Jasminoy, CEO at Fluvip.

“The influencer marketing term first appeared in 2011 on Google, and since then we have been developing a technological platform to help brands professionalize influencer marketing, which in turn helps Latin America cope with other advertising trends” said Jasminoy at the Festival of Media LatAm 2017.

His presentation focused on technology and the use of micro influencers in campaigns, which however important must come together with other types of influencers. “A celebrity, for example, has 87 times more power to engage and convince than a micro influencer, though they must come with other types of influences for the campaign to succeed.”

Fluvip has attended the Festival of Media LatAm since 2015. “This is a very relevant event, because it enables us to have a conversation with partners, clients and other industry participants.

For Jasminoy, the U.S. Hispanic market is a very interesting segment because it uses the influencer strategy but lacks technology. “That's why we find it an important niche and why the world's leading brands ask us for data so their influencer campaigns can achieve satisfactory results.” He added that they must learn how to distinguish themselves in that highly competitive market and find a place among its leaders.

Early this year, Fluvip distinguished itself with the topic of brand safety. “All brands working with influencers face a lot of risks, and our technology is making a difference” Jasminoy concluded.