Sebastian Patron

Sebastian Patron of Advertising Week LatAm on #PRODUprimetime: The future is in integration
06 de octubre de 2021

Sebastian Patron, associate director of Advertising Week LatAm, said on #Produprimetime with Richard Izarra that this regional event, set to air for the fourth straight year on November 23, comes as a kind of intuitive answer to a real industry need.

“Patron added that every year it has had a positive response from stakeholders and the industry in general. Advertising Week LatAm 2021 will have a digital format and for one month will summarize on demand the entire content of the event.

“What’s important about this event is that it arouses interest around the whole industry. From streaming to online advertising to radio, there are experts at every angle. The goal is to continue taking the industry to the next level. We have to keep up the conversation about where we’re at and where we’re going,” he added.

Patron recalled that previous events have sparked interesting debates about the future of agencies and traditional media, and considers that such conversations should take place in open forums with the participation of experts from different countries around the region.

For his part, he said that one of the topics he will speak about this year will be the precipitate growth of digital audiences, and added that among the brands taking part will be AT&T, Amazon Advertising, Mercado ADS and more. In two weeks the lineup of the event will be published listing the different panels and presentations.

As for changes in the industry, Patron said that brands are seen to be taking greater responsibility in social matters, and that bigger budgets are being dedicated to brands online.

“I’d say the discussion isn’t about the death of media, but about the new platforms and digital tools that also take advantage of elements of the offline model. The future is in integration,” he added.

Advertising Week LatAm usually has around 7,500 participants, but this year some 25 percent more are expected.
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