Safety and gratitude in times of pandemic: feelings behind the scenes during FIAP Face to Face Webinar
09 de marzo de 2021

Learning new ways of living, facing new challenges and observing not a few oddities in different environments had the leading roles in a new edition of the FIAP Face to Face Webinar.

Marlene Venero, senior copywriter at Casanova//McCann, Jaume Rodriguez, creative director at fluent360, and Andres de la Casa Huertas, art director at LERMA/, shared their experiences of a very different year that awakened emotions through the camera.

Venero, for example, after a year of pandemic found that the experience of working from home in more intimate surroundings allowed her to really know herself. Though she is relatively new to the agency, the corporate culture allowed her to fit into her work team just fine.

“It has defined my relationship with the team. Personally, I realize I’m working with people who spend time, even outside the office, getting to know each other more in terms of tastes and emotions. There are spaces for doing so and the agency supports the idea,” she said.

For his part, Andres de la Casa Huertas noted that the pandemic led him to explore and do different thing. In the agency, he said, at the start of the quarantine they did virtual happy hours, events that evolved into friendlier formats that kept them from feeling so isolated.

“The processes of response in the agency became more efficient. We lost a bit of that feeling of discomfort by being over the camera. Nonetheless, we still value in-person contact,” he added.

Ivana Gatica, on the other hand, noted that the situation led her to value even more the time spent with her family. As for her work, she said it had been very interesting to really get to know the team over the computer. “It was an enriching experience because, besides the format, we learned how to empathize virtually. For example, with the use of GIFs and emoticons,” she said.

Gatica added that she misses some of the mechanisms of working in person at the office, like having set hours and the possibility of entirely separating one’s personal life from life on the job.

Finally, Jaume Rodriguez said about the production processes, though it has been demonstrated that they can be accomplished remotely very well, “the experience of social distancing can get very tiresome. Yes, I say we need to have physical and emotional contact with people. I miss establishing ties with clients, of sharing, of getting to know each other. It’s very important."

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