Valentina Verde, coordinator of Canal Semillitas from SOMOS TV: December 7 this year Semillitas celebrates its 10th anniversary

Semillitas presents interstitials for Hispanic Heritage Month
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|17 de septiembre de 2020

Semillitas designed some interstitials in house for the Month of Hispanic Heritage celebrating the Spanish language that unites all the Hispanics in the US.

“The clips mention where Spanish is spoken, how many people speak Spanish in the world and Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world,” explains Valentina Verde, coordinator of Canal Semillitas in SOMOS TV.

Verde recalled that December 7 this year, Semillitas celebrates its 10th anniversary. She explained that the channel offers 14 hours of Free VOD content to its subscribers per month. “Our programming is chosen in detail to support parents in maintaining family traditions of the Hispanic culture and the Spanish language in children,” she added.

Other interstitials created recently in house are Back to School and Let´s Take Care of the Planet.

“It is a source of pride for us to compete with big, establish brands and for the channel to be doing so well and growing,” she ended.