Sergio Pizzolante on #PRODUprimetime: I am an agent that unites wills and partners who aim to create for global audiences

Sergio Pizzolante: My strategy has three legs
05 de febrero de 2021

If we had to choose the character of the week, it would surely be Sergio Pizzolante, who was recently named representative of Secuoya Studios in America.

In addition, he signed a first-look agreement with Pantaya to develop projects for them, especially musicals, a field he knows very well, not because he is married to the singer-songwriter Mariana Vega, but because of the projects he has driven in which he has had to delve into the depths of the music industry. An example of this is his productions for Netflix, Nicky Jam: El Ganador and Maluma: Lo Que Fui, Lo Que Soy, Lo Que Seré.

In this context, Sergio participated in #PRODUprimetime con Richard Izarra to talk precisely about this moment, one of the most active in his career of more than 25 years in television.

In fact, more than a dozen projects were mentioned in the conversation, emphasizing the ones he makes with his old Sony Channel Latinoamérica partner, Jesús Torres, with whom he is now reunited in one of the most important developments announced by Secuoya, El Zorro, of which Torres is its main producer.

“My strategy currently has three legs. The first and most important is with Secuoya. The second is with Jesús Torres and his NSQ-Studios group, and the third with Pantaya from Lionsgate, with whom I signed a first-look agreement. So I have strategic development partners, strategic co-production partners, and strategic partners for platforms and content," he said.

In the conversation, Sergio mainly defined himself as an agent that joins lines and seeks synergies with complementary partners who appreciate working together.

“The path has joined me with people I respect and love, and with whom I have the honor to work with. I like to unite wills and partners who aim to evolve and create for audiences worldwide," he expressed.

In a 30-minute interview, Sergio talked about other topics, such as changes generated by this pandemic.

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