Injaus offers Quiroga´s two most recent titles: Con Mis Tetas No Te Metas and El Juego de las Llaves
Series Cartoneros by the author Marisa Quiroga will be launched on the channel Ultra Macho in the US
15 de noviembre de 2016

The dramatic 13-episode series Cartoneros, written by Marisa Quiroga, will be launched on Olympusat´s channel Ultra Macho in the US. Set in the crisis Argentina went through in 2001, it tells about the dignity and the effort of those who found in garbage a means for survival and, ultimately, a new place in society as urban recyclers.

Marisa Quiroga is the author of hits such as Amores de Historia, Taxxi and Don Juan y Su Bella Dama, among others. The author is now working with the literary agency Injaus, which offers its two most recent titles: Con Mis Tetas No Te Metas, and El Juego de las Llaves.

Con Mis Tetas No Te Metas is a comedy/sitcom in which the huge attraction of a woman´s breasts will be the starting point for a fun and mischievous story in white humor, full of incredibly fun situations.

El Juego de las Llaves is a dramatic comedy in which a couple of Friends decide to start a business that makes intimate exchanges between couples easier. The madness and excesses of the story will unveil how difficult it is to love in the limits of desire, and that will lead them to dissolve the company despite its success.

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