Cristina Palacio, president of Shine Latino and general producer of MasterChef Colombia

Shine Latino: Proud to bring MasterChef to Colombia with all the know-how of Shine International
Jaime Quintero, Bogota|27 de enero de 2015

MasterChef Colombia premiered in primetime on Wednesday January 14 at 8pm, registering a seven-point rating and 24.6% of share. Shine Latino and 2&2 Producciones are adapting this Shine International format for RCN. Cristina Palacio, president of Shine Latino and general producer of this reality, told PRODU they had a great turnout because people know the MasterChef brand well. “Talent of all ages showed up with spectacular dishes from traditional Colombian cuisine,” said Palacio. “Everything is pre-recorded. We stick to the guidelines of the show, based on the Australian and American versions. We’re happy to leverage the know-how of Shine, having produced the show in many countries around the world,” she added. The show will feature international and domestic special guests such as Harry Sasson, synonymous with the best of Colombian gastronomy, and Aquiles Chávez, one of Mexico’s culinary stars, among others. A team of more than 100 people work on the production, which uses 15 cameras to maximize coverage during the show. MasterChef has been successfully produced in about 50 countries and watched by over 250 million viewers around the world.