Güero Castro, Chief Content Officer of LatinUS Beauty: Lu: The Power of Us could be a 60-episode series, depending on the final platform

Shooting during the pandemic was complicated
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|07 de enero de 2021

Lu: The Power of Us, whose teaser has already been online for a few weeks and in which Güero Castro works as Chief Content Officer of LatinUS Beauty, will still take some time to develop as a novela/series.

“Broadcast is digital to see how the audience and the market perceive us. With clarity regarding the launch and the presentation of the project, we will proceed to make a production of at least 60 episodes. Everything will depend on the final platform: if it is Televisa, Univision or Telemundo, it will have at least 60-80 hours, but if it is a digital platform, the number of episodes and length of each episode will be different," he expressed and added that it is a new process for everyone.

He also explained what the process of shooting the teaser was like. It was done in Mexico and California with two production companies-one from Boston and Entrelínea from Mexico- in the middle of the pandemic.

“Shooting during the pandemic was complicated because both companies had to take many measures. In Los Angeles we had to take many things into account: having a covid official, a covid doctor, and the locations and places where we worked had to be sanitized. The process was interesting and overwhelming,” he commented.

He explained that need makes them creative. “In these complicated moments, we must make an extra effort, we cannot give up. We are risking a great deal with the launch of a product that appeals to the Latino and also the American audience. We are looking for a way to continue in vigor and close to our audience”.