Sebastián Rulli stars in El Último Dragón

Shootings of El Último Dragón began in Mexico City
13 de diciembre de 2018

W Studios began in Mexico CDMX the shootings of El Último Dragón, its most ambitious and highest-budget project until now. It is a production for Televisa they are making together with Lemon Studios, to be launched in July 2019.

Carlos Bardasano Jr., SVP, General Content at W Studios and executive producer explained that the project was born from a meeting between Arturo Pérez Reverte and Patricio Wills, and Esther Feldman has been developing it with a group of writers for the last two years.

After working in Japan and Spain, now they began in Mexico City and will also travel to Mazatlán. Then, they will be in the US and more countries: “It is a very complex production and a huge bet, that is in another level. It tells endearing stories of the culture clash of several generations."

Bardasano explained they have twice as many international locations than in their previous projects, twice the budget per talent, and 60% planning and shooting. "We have an unsurpassable team, starting with the directors, Mauricio Cruz, and Álvaro Curiel. It is also marvelous to count with Sebastián Rulli as the protagonist. It was very important to find someone who could impersonate this character: dear, cold and calculating because of his training in Japan, but, in the end, Latino."