The Venezuelan producer Leonardo Aranguibel directs La Peste del Insomnio

Short La Peste del Insomnio is released
26 de junio de 2020

Starting Thursday, June 11 the short film La Peste del Insomnio, directed by the Venezuelan producer Leonardo Aranguibel, in which more than 30 actors from Latin America took part altruistically, conjuring hope amidst the health and economic crisis, through the reading of fragments of Gabriel García Márquez´s works allusive to the pest of oblivion, is available on .

“We are living in a very difficult moment, but it is in us for dawn to come sooner or later, so we have wanted, amidst this confinement, to remember that the sun always comes back out again," said Aranguibel, who felt the wish to create a supportive, non-profit project. It is an initiative that has no connection to any company, created in each participant´s free time.

The result is an audiovisual 15-minute piece in which Latin American cinema and television talents such as Dolores Heredia, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Alice Braga, Andrés Parra, Manolo Cardona, Julián Román, Héctor Bonilla, Ricardo Darín, Ana María Orozco y Lorena Meritano take part.

The short film is additional proof of the attachment of García Marquez´s magical realism in our everyday life. In literature as well as in cinema and journalism, Gabo rigorously visited topics related to diseases. In the case of the disease that affected Macondo, there are many similarities that connect it with the current pandemic.

Watch trailer of La Peste del Insomnio