“Through Their Eyes” $10,000 grant provides financial and professional support to female and non-binary artists

Shutterstock Launches Global Grant On International Women’s Day To Empower Female And Non-Binary Creators
08 de marzo de 2021

​Shutterstock announced the launch of “​Through Their Eyes​,” a $10,000 grant to champion underrepresented female and non-binary creators, and their creative projects across photography, visual journalism, videography, illustration, 3D modeling, and writing.

Launching on International Women’s Day, the grant was established to celebrate and embolden the diverse perspectives of female and non-binary artists, by highlighting their visual stories, and providing a glimpse into their thoughts, experiences and perceptions of the world as portrayed in their art. Moving away from stereotypical content and towards more inclusive works, “Through Their Eyes” focuses on the female gaze at a time when women and non-binary artists are increasingly taking hold over their own narratives.

“Shutterstock is powered by storytelling from its diverse global contributor community, and with “Though Their Eyes,” we aspire to empower and elevate women and non-binary people in the arts,” said ​Kristen Sanger, Senior Director of Contributor Marketing at Shutterstock​. “Diversity, authenticity and representation are themes that echo the collective spirit at Shutterstock, and the “Through Their Eyes” grant enables these talented female and non-binary artists to create and exhibit visually stunning content that is both relevant, and reflective of their experiences.”

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