Shutterstock Unveils TRUST, its Best-in-Class Approach for Ethical AI
09 de noviembre de 2023

Shutterstock announced TRUST, an official guiding framework that embodies Shutterstock's long-standing values and commitment to using AI responsibly in its products and workflows.

TRUST, an acronym for Training, Royalties, Uplift, Safeguards and Transparency, reflects the core commitments that Shutterstock has actively upheld over the last two decades.

In an unregulated and rapidly evolving industry, this framework can also serve as an action-driven checklist for companies experimenting with AI technologies and reiterates Shutterstock's lifelong, contributor-centric operating principles.

Maintaining the trust of our contributors and customers is at our core, and our TRUST framework affirms the actions we take to support this commitment," said Dr. Alessandra Sala, Senior Director of AI and Data Science at Shutterstock. "We've always trained on properly licensed data, sought out new revenue streams for our contributors and uplifted creators and underrepresented groups. TRUST formalizes these principles in a clear, straightforward approach that others in the industry can follow as they embark on their own responsible AI journeys."

TRUST's commitments include:

Training on properly licensed data
Royalties that compensate artists fairly
Uplift and promote representation that reflects the world
Safeguards to control content and protect customers
Transparency by default