Nicky Jam, star of the series Nicky Jam: El Ganador
Singer Nicky Jam: People will enjoy that I play the role of myself
Aliana González, Mexico City|14 de diciembre de 2018

Nicky Jam, who acts in the series on his life, Nicky Jam: El Ganador, produced by Endemol Shine Boomdog, assures that acting is natural in him, that he wants to continue acting after this experience and that the fact that he plays the role of himself is what the audience is going to enjoy the most. It is being aired since November 30th on Netflix.

The reggaeton singer took part in the writing of the scripts: “A story like mine cannot be found anywhere, because in my genre when you fall, you don´t come back. It isn´t like ballad and ranchera music legends who last forever. In my genre, you stop sounding and you´re dead because there is always someone new,” he stated.

He explains that Jessy Terrero was who proposed depicting his life in a series and that he liked the idea because he wants to convey the message to young people of not getting lost on a bad path. "It wasn´t easy sitting down with my father and telling him I wanted to tell everything that had happened. But I feel that the story of my family is a story of self-improvement. Still, I wanted to handle it in a way that no one felt affected because the only one who made mistakes was me," he said.

He mentioned how after becoming successful at a point in his life, his addictions led him to a borderline situation. With a childhood marked by the absence of his mother and nearness to drug addict relatives. He manages to surface from the bottom.

He explained it was very difficult to find the actor who played Nicky Jam as a young man. “We found this kid, Darkiel, who is another singer from Puerto Rico, and since he is a singer from my same genre, he clearly understands our culture,” he said.