Rodrigo Maycotte

Rodrigo Maycotte of Fortunato: The Creative Community and Its Clients Have Reached A Transition Point 
Liz Unamo|06 de abril de 2020

Fortunato Founder & Partner Rodrigo Maycotte feels the cancellation of the 2020 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity was a difficult but wise decision, since much of the industry is focused on meeting the demands created by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Both the creative community and its clients are at a point of transition. Many brands are even transforming their business models and the products they manufacture to deal with this crisis, and the wise thing is to allow all of us to focus on what should have priority: everyone`s health and well-being," Maycotte said.

As to whether other festivals should do as Cannes is doing, he said that is a decision to be taken from an empathetic point of view: "I believe that at a personal, creative, and economic level, our priorities are elsewhere. If companies like Ford stopped manufacturing cars to make respirators, maybe this year’s festivals can use their resources and platforms to somehow contribute to the needs of their respective communities."

He said the industry is experiencing a moment of reflection that will define many brands and agencies, and may even change the way work is done in the future, since "people are paying a lot of attention to companies` behavior in the light of the crisis. How companies (agencies included) treat their employees during this crisis is going to redefine their reputations, maybe forever."

Maycotte concluded that this is a great moment to create new ways to operate, and that "if we want to see a better world, a better industry, now is the best time to start changing things."