Hugo Salinas supported his son Ricardo who suggested "business as usual" in spite of the federal government´s declaration of quarantine

Situation at TV Azteca reserved and discreet
Ríchard Izarra|02 de abril de 2020

“Without any changes until now, they remain the same as last week” was PRODU´s interpretation of the situation at TV Azteca after the Mexican government radically changed its position over the weekend and declared quarantine, when days earlier Ricardo Salinas had suggested business as usual.

Hugo Salinas, the founder of the group, backed his son Ricardo´s position in a video spread on social networks that demand Mexico doesn´t stop nor close sources of work because that would lead to violence, robberies, and massive looting by the poorest population who would have nothing to eat.

At the age of 88, Hugo appeared smoking a cigar, saying this vice was accountable for more than 7 million deaths per year, and alcohol took another 2 million, whereas the mortality rate of coronavirus was minute.

Benjamín Salinas, in charge of TV Azteca´s operations, Ricardo´s son and Hugo´s grandson seems to have a different opinion. He is attributed with giving the order to stop the shootings of La Voz and sending home those over the age of 60.