Yesenia Valencia: The OTT SmartFilms Cine de Bolsillo will group the more than 4,000 creations of the participants in SmartFilms
SmartFilms Mexico is launched announcing new OTT
Aliana González, Mexico City|16 de junio de 2020

With Flor Amargo, Oscar Uriel, and Javier Jattin as ambassadors, SmartFilms Mexico 2020 was launched, an event in which several announcements were made: the opening of the categories professional Motorola, with a 100 thousand pesos awards and the youth category IPN, with a 50-thousand-pesos award.

The creation of the OTT SmartFilms Cine de Bolsillo, that will group the more than 4 thousand creations of the participants in SmartFilms, the free dissemination of the first series made with cell phones, El Inquisidor, for Mexico for a month on RCTV Play, and the creation of the first Mexican miniseries made with cell phones, promoted by Novartis Oncología Mexico, and whose winner was Valeria Jaidar.

Yesenia Valencia, CEO of SmartFilms, reported that very soon the amateur category will be launched. She also announced that another country, Uruguay, will be the venue of SmartFilms next year, with Fausto Álvarez at the lead.

Pablo Rodríguez, Digital Marketing Manager at Motorola Mexico, said when presenting the professional category: “We love to recognize the potential for innovation using technology. We want participants to use innovation as a pretext to create stories,” while José Luis Espinoza, Interim Director of the Cultural Division at IPN, stated that “we firmly believe that comprehensive education youth must have comprehensive education,” which is why they are supporting the category created for 12 to 17-year-old participants.

The miniseries, sponsored by Novartis, seeks to make known the stories of cancer patients, said Návil Ávila, Manager of Relation with Patient Associations at Novartis Oncología Mexico.

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