Monica Barrios, the channel´s senior producer

Smithsonian Channel: Our strength is 100% true stories
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|29 de mayo de 2020

Smithsonian Channel, the signal that is present in 40 million homes in the US and with two million subscribers in Latin America through systems such as DIRECTV and VTR from Chile, has been able to continue their programming with documentaries during this pandemic and post-producing material they had already developed. Monica Barrios, the channel´s senior producer participated in #VisitaPRODU where she highlighted that the grid is stocked with many historical documentaries and archive material. "We have been able to edit and produce, and we sat down to think about several documentaries that we started to produce during this quarantine on historical topics," she explained. 

Barrios, who works with Smithsonian Channel since 2006, explained that one of the channel´s strengths is that they center on documentaries on true topics. “It is not pseudoscience nor reality. Our strength is the beautiful documentaries in 4K, spectacular and historical 100% true stories”.

Barrios, who first studied Business Administration and then pursued a Master`s degree in Cinema and Television, comments that he had a good training during his period at Discovery and NatGeo before arriving at the Smithsonian Channel.

Barrios mentioned, among the upcoming documentaries to be launched on the channel´s screen, Covid-19, Nuestro Encierro En Shangai (Monday, May 25). She also highlighted A La Caza de Los Hipopótamos de Pablo Escobar, which is about the situation of these animals, which have reproduced in an accelerated way, adding up to 30 in this region in Colombia. Other documentaries they listed were Los Andes Salvajes, Colombia Magia Salvaje, and Irlanda Aérea.

Watch #VisitaPRODU with Monica Barrios from Smithsonian Channel