Ana Celia Urquidi was in #VisitaPRODU

Snap and Hemisphere: Open TV is undergoing a necessary restructuring
21 de junio de 2019

Ana Celia Urquidi, General Manager of Snap and advisor for Hemisphere Media Group, said in #VisitaPRODU that open TV is never going to disappear, and assured that it is undergoing an evolution and restructuring process that was totally necessary.

“When the area of fiction of fiction in TV Azteca ceased to exist, I didn´t understand very well, but now I see that Benjamín was absolutely right. To watch fiction, I prefer the way it is done now, in the schedule you want, and as many episodes you want, without having to wait for 9pm to watch them. Whereas with sports, newscasts or live programs, people want to know what is going on immediately and this does well on open TV, that way everything is evolution,” said Urquidi.

The executive mentioned that the way to do television is also under constant changes, that is why telenovelas have gradually disappeared and there are increasingly more series. "People get tired of watching the same stories and channels, of telling them. Telenovelas were wearing out and becoming repetitive, that is why now we make shorter and more creative stories with different storytelling."

Urquidi also spoke about the new things they are doing in the production company Yellow, a joint effort between Snap, MarVista and Hemisphere, where they have four series projects in development, which they are putting the finishing touches on to present to different clients and platforms.

To end, she advised everyone in the industry to always remain learning and growing.