Socialisssima visualizes a social problem with HIV & All of Us
Liz Unamo|15 de junio de 2022

Talking about HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) continues to be taboo in society and promoting participation in clinical studies aimed at ending the illness is even more complex. In order to take the discussion to the heart of the United States, the multicultural agency Socialisssima decided to beak the mold of HIV campaigns and project the message in a more transparent way for the HTV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) Operations Center.

“With this campaign we present the matter in clear, concrete points. First, we had to understand there is not just one message for everyone. There are many different problems and solutions to address. This is the start of a continued discussion of a problem that remains fully in force,” said Norbi Zylberberg, CCO and founder of Socialisssima.

The campaign was launched on May 18, 2022, under the tagline HIV & All of Us, with the argument that ending HIV is not the work of just a few. It needs everyone.

Elements of the campaign have specific names like Data, Pandemic, Togetherness, and Social Justice, thanks to a deep strategic study to understand why individuals decide to take part. “Instead of launching a message and watching to see how people react and then improving it, a better procedure is to start with a number of studies. We organized sessions with people who have worked with communities hit by HIV, and based on those insights we produced a qualitative and quantitative study, and a study of segmentation. We did a lot of research,” said Managing Director Andrea Benita.

“From that minority position we understood that it’s necessary to find another way of talking to people,” Norbi added.

The campaign features real families. “It’s an effort beyond what the client can do. Our goal is to have ever more partners join in, and for people to start making themselves part of this campaign.

For more information visit HVTN Operations Center

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