Spot Behind the Mask

Venezuela’s Soda Producciones Wins Grand Award at New York Festivals
03 de febrero de 2021

Behind the Mask by Venezuela’s Soda Producciones took a Grand Award at the New York Festivals 2020 Bowery Awards as last year came to an end.

“This has a great meaning for the team, not just because it’s a reward for independent creativity, but also because it was the first time Venezuela has won a Grand Prix in a festival of this magnitude - competing with the USA, UK, India, all the big guys - with a production that shows how useful we can be with when we do our job,” said Constanza Profeta, executive producer of Soda Producciones.

The award-winning campaign was commissioned by UN Women Chicago, part of a United Nations organization that focuses on raising awareness about the domestic violence suffered by millions of women around the world, and now made even more abusive by the quarantine imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.