Francisco Villanueva, COO of Somos Distribution

Somos Distribution: All the countries want Súbete a Mi Moto: La Historia de Menudo Contada Por Su Creador
05 de junio de 2018

Francisco Villanueva, COO of Somos Distribution, commented that the response to Súbete a mi moto: La Historia de Menudo Contada Por Su Creador (15x60’), was fantastic during the last LA Screenings. “Menudo is something unique, it is the story of the first boy band that existed and it is extraordinary because it covers several generations of fans, since it lived 20 years,” he stated, after pointing out that beyond the story of Menudo, the series narrates how it was formed and the backstage of the business model it was.

“It is not only seeing how the guys become famous and get organized but how the boy band was arranged, how they emerged, why they left and at what age, how the new member went in and how they engaged with the audience. It narrates a story of huge success,” he said.

They already have eight scripts ready, and in June they will start the preproduction of the series, together with Endemol Shine Boomdog. Production will start in September, in order to be able to go to the air the first quarter of 2019.

“Clients’ response has been extraordinary, everybody wants Menudo, there isn’t a country that doesn’t want it. When you have a project like this, it is amazing,” stated Villanueva.

Additionally, they are working with a fiction series on reggaeton, Underground, that will have three seasons: the first, Los Clásicos, narrates how this musical genre emerged in the streets of Puerto Rico; the second, Los Millones, that tells how the singers achieved their big fortunes, and the last, El Trap, that is the return to base, to the street.