Francisco Villanueva: We are very happy about the return of face-to-face markets and reinforcing in person our relationships with our clients

SOMOS Distribution: Our varied offer of drama, humor, telenovelas, series, and own productions will be at LA Screenings
13 de mayo de 2022

SOMOS Distribution will be introducing at LA Screenings a varied offer of high-profile television dramas, humorous content, telenovelas, and series, including projects of the group's production companies. The event, to be held from 18 to 20 at the Fairmont Regency Century Plaza hotel, shows that the face-to-face markets for the industry continue.

The Turkish drama Love for rent (Kiralik Ask) stands out among the SOMOS Distribution's offerings. The dramatic story ranked first on Turkish television. comprises 148 episodes.

Other featured content includes the Greek drama Wild bees (125 episodes) and Sasmos (135 episodes).

In humor, SOMOS Distribution presents, the successful Ecuadorian production of 72 episodes that satirizes everyday situations in an entertaining and hilarious way. The offer in this genre also includes the Novocomedy shorts, more than 4,000 hours of non-verbal humorous shorts that include a candid camera, home videos, children and animals in funny situations, acts of magic, and "bloopers" in extreme sports.

In telenovelas and series, the company will be offering content from the RCTV Internacional's catalog, including Mi Gorda Bella (178 episodes); the series Arenas (6 episodes), and Almas en Pena (13 episodes).

Among the SOMOS Productions projects that will be offered -finished and/or in the development stage- is La Muerte del Rey (8 episodes), a political suspense story co-produced with Imagia Films.

“With this varied offer, we present our clients with programs with a proven record of success and aligned with our experience of selecting the best in the international market. We have included different genres, considering the fact that entertainment at the moment must satisfy different needs. We are very happy for the return of face-to-face markets and reinforcing in person our strong relationships with our clients”, said Francisco Villanueva, VP, and COO of SOMOSDistribution.

In addition to Francisco Villanueva; Mariana Villanueva, the company's Sales Manager, will be at LA Screenings, welcoming customers in suite 756 of the Fairmont Regency Century Plaza.