Luis Villanueva, president and CEO of Somos Distribution

Somos Distribution presents novelas, movies, formats and sports at the 2014 NATPE
02 de enero de 2014

Somos Distribution will be at the 2014 NATPE with a varied product catalog, highlighting important genres for programmers such as novelas and movies, complimented by offering formats, sports and assortments, among other content. The intentions of the distributor are to strengthen the company’s position to offer their clients high quality programming that satisfies the needs of the different audiences, as well as production projects (Exit and Ultimate Brain, among others) that are adaptable to different markets as part of its affiliation with Sparks Network, a company that unites successful television producers from across the world. Also from Sparks Somos Distribution offers sports such as Mixed Martial Arts, Lucha Libre and Boxing. Luis Villanueva, president and CEO of Somos Distribution, expressed that during the 2014 NATPE “the company will grow as a global player in the television industry by including Turkish novelas (Ezel and 20 Minutes among others) in their catalog along with high profile movies with credited casts, as a result of the recent partnership with Shoreline Entertainment.” “With this upcoming NATPE, our novelas catalog is increasing in value due to the record breaking ratings from 11-11, En Mi Cuadra Nada Cuadra produced by Somos Productions for Nickelodeon. The success of the novela has reached an all-time pan regional high, demonstrated by the screenplay which has been licensed, showcasing its strength as a love story,” added Villanueva. In terms of movies, Somos Distribution offers about 40 high quality films as part of the catalog for Shoreline Entertainment, which strengthens the penetration of this content in the Spanish markets. Also listed are relevant programs from MegaTV such as varieties of Bayly and Charytin and Felipe among others. Somos Distribution will be on the 29th floor of the Tressor Tower of the Fontainebleau Hotel in suites 14-16.