War Of Roses (168x45’)

Somos Distribution strengthens Turkish drama offers for LA Screenings

01 de mayo de 2018

Somos Distribution announces a new offer of Turkish dramas for LA Screenings 2018, which, together with the recent existing titles of the same genre, comprise a relevant presence of these popular stories for the company's clients. 

The new proposals include Under The Trees and The Foreign Groom, which, together with War of Roses and Destiny, among others, have all the elements the audience is begging for: stories of forbidden love, revenge and mystery in the plot that offer surprising events.

Another very successful Turkish drama that is expected to continue improving its distribution is War Of Roses (168x45’) (sold in Paraguay, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica and Honduras with very good ratings in all those countries). They also have the series Destiny, already sold in Chile and Paraguay.

Somos Distribution will also present Turkish novels that are already considered classics for their great popularity, such as Gumus, among others.