Francisco Villanueva, Somos Distribution VP and COO

Somos Distribution: Turkish soaps are not a trend and are here to stay
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|06 de marzo de 2015

Somos Distribution has a complete catalogue of Turkish soaps that exceeds 20 titles. Francisco Villanueva, Somos Distribution VP and COO proudly told PRODU that they are in a good moment and that Turkish soaps are here to stay. "We have worked a long time for this. We have been chasing them for five years and they are here to stay. The plots and the quality are very good and the stories are different. People all over like them" said the executive. He indicated that the star product of the catalogue is Ezel, which has more than 40 share points in Mega Chile. "We also represent three soaps from Kanal D from the official TV in Turkey, we present the entire Ecco Rights catalogue. We have a good variety of interesting products that has great demand". Villanueva explained that the Turkish soap is so successful that it already appears as a genre with its own space, comparable to Brazilian novelas. "Programmers hope it is not a trend, but that they are here to remain, the same way Brazilian novelas have their space, Turkish soaps are going to have their own space". The executive also announced that they are making through Somos Productions, a short 15-episode series with a very important artist and that it should be ready by October this year.