Dinero Fácil

Somos Distribution: We are enriching our cinema in Spanish catalog with Caribbean films

30 de agosto de 2018

Somos Distribution added to its film catalog, movies from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

“Cinema from Puerto Rio and the Dominican Republic is particularly successful for its good sense of humor in comedy and for being the birthplace of well-accepted popular rhythms. Our film catalog is enriched with these productions that have been validated on the big screen and are now available to our clients on different windows, ” expressed Francisco Villanueva COO from Somos Distribution.

The titles Dinero Fácil, A Ritmo de Fe and Reggaeton the Movie comprise the new additions to the Somos Distribution catalog, that includes approximately 20 films.

Dinero Fácil is a comedy from Dominican Republica full of action that follows the story of Vicente, a young man who is convinced that people with money only do business among themselves and that is why he decides to pretend he is rich. However, this plan will bring him more problems than money.

A Ritmo De Fe, a drama that is also Dominican, follows Juan, a young man of humble origin who dreams of stardom. Thanks to his talent, Juan manages to enter the most prestigious dance academy in Santo Domingo and takes part in a reality show in which his faith and talent will be tested.

The Puerto Rican film Reggaeton the Movie follows two singers, a dancer and a music producer who do everything they can to make their dreams come true and venture into the world of reggaeton.