La Vieja Escuela is the first installment of the series Underground-La Historia del Reggaeton

Somos Distribution: We will present the first season of Underground-La Historia del Reggaeton at LA Screenings

04 de mayo de 2018

People Guiding Media and Somos Distribution present at LA Screenings the first season of the series Underground-La Historia del Reggaeton.

The season, which has six episodes, talks about the entrance of the genre in the musical scene at the end of the 80s. The addition of this content to the distribution company’s catalog enriches its variety of programs for the market.

Underground-La Historia del Reggaeton is a project that, in this first part, tells the story of a controversial rhythm, with advocates and critics, but a musical phenomenon, nevertheless. The first season of the series, titled La Vieja Escuela, travels throughout the origins of reggaeton in Puerto Rico.

Two other seasons in preparation (Millones and El Retorno) will present the growth and establishment of reggaeton as a genre that generates multimillionaire revenues for record companies, and this rubs off to the North American market and its eventual adaptation to the download of songs, which boosted the decline of compact discs (CD).

“With La Vieja Escuela, we will present realistic style content, in which music of street origin begins to penetrate the industry with unstoppable strength and an appeal to youths because of its renegade style and a rhythm brimming with sensuality. This first season presents great artists who are exponents of reggaetón. Moreover, it is an exploration of how new generations and their creativity irrupt in an industry despite all the opposition they faced in more conservative sectors,” said Francisco Villanueva, COO of Somos Distribution.

He expressed that La Historia del Reggaeton has the musical rights to more than 60 songs of a rhythm that marks a period and the audience will be able to enjoy the talent of these revolutionary musicians.